A passionate and professional leader

It’s been all business
and pleasure

Louise is an accomplished high-altitude mountaineer and senior global cybersecurity executive. Born in Ireland, raised in Canada, and living in the U.S. for more than 20 years, she has traveled the world for business and to pursue her love of the mountains.

The journey begins

After being laid off from her high-tech job during the early 2000s, Louise was looking to reinvent herself, which is when she was introduced to a book about Mount Everest, and her mountaineering journey began. Louise has since overcome injuries, fears, disappointments, and missed summits.

A real passion
to motivate others

Often being the only female in the boardroom, and in climbing expeditions, she has applied lessons from her quest to achieve her own personal successes and applied them to her real passion…motivating others.

Through her inspirational talks and compelling podcast conversations, Louise helps people to believe that anything is possible. She shares unique insights from her experiences on the mountain, to empower and motivate her audiences to reach their own goals.