Inspirational Speaking

Journey to the summit

A passionate and inspirational speaker

Louise is passionate in sharing her experiences as a professional leader, combining lessons from the boardroom to her 2018 summit of Mount Everest (first attempt), and her quest to summit the world’s highest peaks.

Around the globe

Louise has presented to audiences around the globe close to 100 times, helping people of all backgrounds and ages, identify and reach their “Everest”. She relates her decades of physical and mental training to the parallels of leadership, risk management, and goal setting.

A step closer to a mountain mindset

As your keynote speaker, Louise will not only teach your audience about the mountain mindset, but she will bring them to the ‘summit’ with adventurous tales from the world’s toughest climbs.

Louise even uses the stage to poke fun at her own travel mishaps, including African spider bites, Nepalese parasites, and Bhutanese bacterial infections!

Bring inspiration to your next event

Gain insights from Louise’s impactful and humorous keynotes at your next event, your audience will be inspired to do more, reach higher, and perform better, despite any hurdles they may face.

What people say about Louise

You are the gnarliest person I know and still can’t believe your journey through it all.

Lauren H.

To say that your Mount Everest story was motivating is an understatement. The story of your journey to the top of the Mountain, not just the 7-week journey, but your life journey to get there is some of the most amazing real-life experiences I’ve ever heard. Powerful and inspirational, thank you for sharing the story with all of us.

Sergio P.

Louise is a lady that we can all look up to. She climbed Mount Everest last year and lived to talk about it. She easily relates all the challenges on Everest back to business challenges. I highly suggest taking the time to listen to her story if you ever get to talk with her!

Sarah A.

Your story inspired me big time. Thank you for that. Myself, I had a different peak to climb, so I understand very good the point of fighting hard to get some… You are an amazing person.

Jindrich K.

If you have the opportunity to share your story at other occasions, please continue to do so. Every one of us has his/her own journey in life and it doesn’t have to be such an exceptional one like yours, but the lessons learned you’ve shared are food for thought for us all.

Stefaan VD.

Very inspirational presentation by Louise McEvoy! Thank you for sharing your journey and helping us add perspective to our own!

Tania C.